Burger King was a huge hit with the kids!

Thank you again for supporting Match Madness, I wanted to share some highlights from our campaign. First of all, Match Madness got a lot of super positive and curious responses from everyone we spoke to. While we probably didn’t end up meeting the dollar goal when we get it all counted, we nonetheless outperformed on every other metric. But, the best part of Match Madness for everyone involved was the Olympics last Friday. I wanted to share some photos and a couple of anecdotes from that event to brighten your day.

To say that Match Madness Olympics was just about the most fun we’ve ever had at the Clubs would be fairly accurate. It was a magical moment for our team and for all those children who many of us have never seen so engaged in a program or activity!

When I handed out the Match Madness shirts to the players on each of the teams, there was one boy who was absolutely shocked that Burger King “gave them money.” I attached a photo of Marcion so you could see his smile. This kid completely lost his mind after I told him that Burger King supported Boys & Girls Clubs. You made his day in so many ways! Marcion immediately put his sponsor shirt on backward so he could show off the BK logo proudly and started recruiting his friends to play for Burger King. In that interaction with Marcion and all the kids lined up to talk about their favorite BK sandwich, I also had a priceless opportunity to teach the kids how sponsorships work and how companies like Burger King want to see them succeed. It was amazing to see the kids make that connection and get so excited about a corporate sponsorship donation. I’m telling you, if the Burger King mascot guy ever came to a Club, he would be more popular with our kids than Santa Claus!

Thank you again for helping create that magical moment for the kids and for our staff team. This was such a fun campaign and event to put on. We cannot wait to do it again next year and make it even bigger and better. We hope Burger King will continue to be a part of Match Madness every year. The kids are so proud to have you sponsoring them. Thank you!

Leah K. Whitaker, Resource Development and Communications Manager

Boys & Girls Clubs of Toledo